Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sophmore Slump?

I really fell off the wagon this week.  We ate out three nights in a row.  My digestive track is NOT happy about it. 

We are back on the wagon today, kind of.  I made steaks, stuffing & mixed vegetables tonight.  More of a "warm the food" meal than cooking, but at least we ate at home.  Charles normally doesn't care for stuffing, but I got the savory herbs variety this time, and I think it was a reasonable hit.

I am trying to line up some crockpot cooking to get us back on track, especially with the weather turning colder.  I still have a boston butt to make pulled pork from, and I am starting to collect the ingredients for the vegetable beef soup.  Both make a huge amount, but freeze well. 

I have just one week to go, and I'll add 20 lbs of chicken breasts to my freezer.  I went in with a friend on a Zaycon food buy of 40 lbs of chicken breasts.   It was $1.84 a pound, which was a good price.  I am still trying to shop smarter.

I have started getting my produce deliveries every other week.  Backyard Produce allows you to put your order on "hold" which is what I have done.  With this slump in cooking, I had food going bad.  Plus the selection is not as good with it getting later in fall.  This week we got mostly fruit in our order:  a couple of oranges, grapes, and pears, plus a couple of cucumbers.

Today was an interesting mail day as well -- I got FOUR magazines in the mail.  There were several interesting stuffing recipes.  I have added them to Pepperplate to try later. 

Speaking of magazines, and food.... anyone need a boy scout to buy popcorn from?   Connor is selling this month, and would love your support.  Click here to buy online!  His school is selling magazines... if you have one to renew, let me know that too!

Off to the fair tomorrow!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

And then the wheels fell off the bus...

I really have much better intentions.  Even though I know I need to do this just for me, sometimes I'm vain human and wish I'd get a comment or two.

The last bit of September was incredibly busy.  We are still trying hard to eat more at home.  Hasn't been as easy lately, but I will not give up.  Duncan and Connor are settling into a school routine, although both are struggling with a subject.  Mama-san is having to get busy and nudge them back to better habits and a better grade.

Tomorrow is a rare "free" Saturday.  We have many tentative plans -- movie, bluegrass concert, cleaning off my scrapbook desk.  I just have to hope I feel ok when I wake up and can get motivated.

G'nite Blog!