Tuesday, July 26, 2005


OK, so I feel terrible -- what happened to those daily blog entries I
intended? I get just as frustrated when I visit blogs that I like and
there is no update -- I'm so sorry! Blame the heat (high 90s, high
humidity, heat index over 100), blame work (more about that in a bit), blame perimenopause (hot flashes, tired, irritable)...

So what's happened in the last week or so? I took the "family swim
center" we bought at Walmart for $30 out to the backyard, and let the sweat
roll into my eyes as I inflated it. Any regrets vanished at the sight
of two pairs of dancing eyes watching intently from the kitchen door.
They went flying to wake their daddy from his nap and make him help me.
LOL! Since we inflated the pool they spend 1-3 hrs a day splashing in
it (10' x 6', 22" deep) and it has been the only way I've gotten them to
play outside this month. Charles discovered the heat is almost bearable
if we bring one of the little fans to the backporch to blow on the
supervising adult. Since it would cost us $14 per visit to the local
pool, we've gotten our money's worth easily already. It came with a
cover, and we've added a foot washing bucket so we aren't having to drain it as often. They are also sleeping much better since the inflation of the
pool. As a matter of fact, they now want to both sleep in Duncan's room.
I missed the picture of the week though, they woke up super early last Thursday (3:30 am) and by the time I got home Thursday Connor was passed
out on the couch with his swim goggles still on. It was soooo cute.

My favorite online game, Asheron's Call, launched an expansion, Throne of
Destiny. I've been busy in the later evening hours enjoying the game and
camaraderie. Charles continues to play World of Warcraft, and has a
regular online "date" with our friends the Tomihiro's on Wednesdays. Our
kids play Toontown Online together and are working on their computer skills
while squealing and dancing in delight. We got Jump Start 2nd Grade
Advanced installed on the kid's computer but now the monitor is misbehaving so I have to look at that again.

Fourth of July week brought the return of Big Brother 6 to CBS -- yes, I am
a reality TV junkie. I really like most of this year's cast -- they
booted the one guy I thought was horrid (Michael) -- but I'm waiting to see more "secrets" as the theme this year is "summer of secrets".

I need to get out in the yard and get the last of the limbs we took off the tree over the house into the yard waste container, and use the trimmer in the front yard -- it needs it SOOO bad, but considering I pour sweat
standing still, I'm kind of waiting for things to cool off. There's a
rumor it might only be in the 80s Thursday and Friday so maybe there is hope.

Next week marks Duncan's 9th birthday on Tuesday. We'll go shopping for
his present this weekend -- I think we are going to get him a scooter.
I had tried to get Tuesday off, but didn't manage it, so we are going to
Chuck E Cheese Tuesday night for dinner. We have invited two other
families (3 kids total) to join us and are actually doing the official
party package. By the time I buy party supplies and a cake, I spend close
to what I'll have spent on the party fee. So we'll see how it goes.
Duncan will get a kick out of them announcing stuff about "Duncan's birthday party" so it should be alot of fun.

P.S. -- I dated this for the date I wrote it, not the date I finally got around to posting it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Is it really almost Wednesday again? Wow, time flies. Our friend Nic came over and helped Charles clean out the gutters on the house in preparation for any rain from the hurricanes. The worst gutter had 6 trees in it, and (according to Nic) about 50 lbs of silt/dirt. Ugh. On a positive note, the gutters and downspouts are now clean, and Nic & Charles trimmed back the tree that overhangs that part of the roof. Whew, more yardwork has been done at our house in the past two weeks than in the past two years.

Big Brother 6 started last week, so I have a reality TV show to watch again. Duncan is kind of exasperated at me as this means he doesn't get exclusive TV control in the evenings, but that's life.

Connor demonstrated his problem solving abilities again my managing to get something down off the top of the refridgerator today. So much for having a safe place to put chemicals. He's too smart for four!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Yard Work

OK, have I mentioned all the yardwork Charles & Dot did this week? We have these bushes in front of our house... Image hosted by Photobucket.com.

They had gotten a little unruly... and Dot came home with an electric hedge trimmer and pneumatic limb cutters. Watch out for a woman with yard equipment (me!) Here's the result:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We found two empty bird nests in those bushes, and lots and lots of briars and brambles. Once we finish clearing away the clippings, I have hope I'll be able to trim lightly and shape this up to look like someone loves it again!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Saturday Stuff

Our houseguest went home tonite, so I have time to write again. Duncan was quite sad to see his grandmother head out, but I'm sure he'll be over it soon.

The little monkey pulled quite the stunt today -- he let "monsters" lock all the doors so Dot Dot wouldn't leave, and locked everyone out of the house. I had to boost him into an unlocked window to get us back in the house.

On a positive note, Charles & Dot got alot of yardwork done this week -- we tamed the house eating bushes, and the weed/bramble garden in the back. We have work to do this weekend in getting the cuttings picked up, but it does look so much better. Dot bought the kids a soccer ball and a tee ball set so they've been out in the backyard playing. Tomorrow I have to find the bicycle pump so I can blow up their pool.

Friday, July 01, 2005

I have Mojo, hear me RAWR!!!

Heh, I went to a crop tonite -- first one in a while and I was amazed at how creative I felt. I got 6 pages done, a card, and planned out four more. The kids come home on Sunday. Tomorrow we are headed out w/Bob & Lisa to see The Pacifist at the $2 cinema.

Roger stayed over one night this week -- we watched Star Wars. I had an itch to see it after we went to see Revenge of the Sith.