Monday, October 24, 2005

Camping IOUs & Pumpkin Patch

Well, my muscles DEMANDED their IOU from the camping trip -- it hurts when I stand up and sit down! Duncan is still talking about the trip -- I wish it was warm enough to go again before Spring.

Connor got to go on his first field trip at preschool today -- they went to the house of one of the school's teachers, and took a hayride (wagon pulled by tractor) and then got to "pick" pumpkins. Charles went along and took pictures for me. Connor looked like he was having a marvelous time in every one! They are having a Halloween parade Thursday morning, and their Halloween party. Charles will have to pinch hit for me at that one too. He's having a "hot dog lunch" the week of 11/10 -- I'll be able to attend that one at least. It really is nice to have him bring art home, and be excited about "school". Many thanks to the family benefactors who helped us make his preschool possible -- he is blossoming as he gets to go to school.

We have another busy week -- I had to turn in Duncan's popcorn sales tonite, tomorrow is a cub scout den meeting (they are making trail mix at one station), and then Wednesday is the church's fellowship dinner & Fall Festival, followed by Trunk-or-Treat. Friday starts Duncan's fall break from school.

Can you believe Connor will be 5 in less than a month? Where has the time gone?! I am so behind this year -- haven't STARTED on Christmas yet, and Connor's birthday is rushing up so fast. This week is our benefits enrollment for 2006 -- utterly depressing, let me tell you!

Sunday, October 23, 2005


We're home -- and we had a great time. It wasn't warm, but it was dry (not even any morning dew)! We drove north about an hour from home to Rendevous Mountain in Wilkes County (closest town is Purlear, NC). Pretty country -- the leaves are starting to turn, and we were definitely up a mountain. I swear, no matter where I had to go Saturday or Sunday, it was uphill! We arrived around 11 am Saturday, and stayed til 10:30 am Sunday. A few select photos can be found here. It was a primitive site, except we had a picnic shelter and flush toilets. We camped in a tent, right near the shelter.

I was ever so grateful that alot of the dads/den leaders took a group hiking to the fire tower & civil war graveyard -- it was a 3.5 mile hike! After that the kids played on the trails until dinner time. It was a very relaxing afternoon. Every kid there ate every bite of their supper (no wonder!) and then after dinner we made s'mores over the fire -- YUM. Then the kids played "flashlight tag" for at least an hour. The adults laughed that any four legged critter in hearing distance ran from the noise! Duncan finally fell asleep about 9:15 pm. I then got to taste a WONDERFUL beef stew made in a dutch oven over fireplace coals -- talk about GOOD!

I didn't sleep well, and just like a clock, Duncan woke up promptly at 5:50 am. The kids who were up early stood around the fire and enjoyed making flames by burning boxes. Little pyromaniacs! Then breakfast was served about 8:30 am -- pancakes & sausage. The leaders gathered up the boys to sweep the camping area for trash, then took them on the Talking Tree trail. After that we headed home.

Lessons learned from my trip:

  1. Out of shape, overweight 40 yr old women aren't meant to rough it.
  2. It's worth the effort to bring an air mattress!
  3. Tent manufacturer's lie about how many people a tent will hold.
  4. A level campsite is very important -- be early so you get one (note, we weren't early).
  5. Anything cooked over a campfire tastes yummy.
  6. My mother-in-law was right, campgrounds entertain kids for HOURS.
  7. Always, ALWAYS be sure the bag with your clothes makes it in the car.
  8. I need better sleeping bags and a bigger tent!
  9. Despite being cold, and grungy, it's still possible to have a great time -- your muscles don't collect the IOU until you get home!

Sooo, I'll be tent shopping this winter in preparation for the family trip in the spring. Duncan is already asking to go back next weekend!

Monday, October 17, 2005


OK OK... anyone whose blog I visited recently and thought "Why haven't they updated??", I apologize! We've had a busy week since our last entry. Tuesday night was the den meeting. They covered achievement 7 (Law Enforcement is a big job), and had a special visitor in Officer Oliver. They did GREAT sitting and listening.

Connor & Duncan both went to choir practice Wednesday night. Connor's group is starting to work on their music for the Christmas holidays. He's really enjoying the new preschool, and he gets to go on his first field trip on Monday (to the pumpkin patch!)

Friday night was our October pack meeting. We had a special guest, the "Mad Scientist". The boys really liked his show. Then it was time for den awards -- you can see pictures of Duncan getting his first progress bead and his marbles belt loop on the photo page.

This weekend we didn't do much -- I'm shopping for some odds and ends camping equipment for the pack Parent/Son Camporee this coming weekend. I'm on a pretty tight budget -- only my secret shopping $$ has to cover what I need. I think I'm going to have to borrow sleeping pads (to go under sleeping bags), but otherwise I think I have it covered.

Any reality tv fans out there? I'm watching America's Next Top Model on Wednesdays, and then Survivor: Guatemala on Thursdays. And in my spare time (ha) I'm working on Christmas presents, and trying to work on decluttering this house.

Anyhoo... sorry it's been so long between entries. More by Monday for sure -- I'll have pictures from camping!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Children's Sunday

Today was Childrens' Sunday at church -- almost everything but the benediction was presented by the children of the church. Our Connor attended one rehearsal, and gladly got up and sang with the preschool choir! He also participated in the processional where the kids gave teddy bears to the local children's hospital, and then came down front to listen to the children's sermon -- I was one PROUD mama. Duncan got scared and wouldn't do the processional, but he did very well sitting with us in the balcony. My mother-in-law was up for a visit, and she came to church with us too.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Fairs, Choirs and other things

Duncan's class had a marvelous time at the fair! The weather was crappy, but they still enjoyed it. We saw most of the animal exhibits, two shows (All the Kings Horses & Flying Canines), ate some fair food, and enjoyed ourselves. Once his class left Charles & Connor joined us along with our friends the Tomihiro's. The kids got to eat more fair food, ride rides, see exhibits (including Duncan's 1st place art exhibit!!!), and we finally left tired as we could be.

Act two on Wednesday -- Lisa & Bob had invited us to a special Wednesday night supper at their church since a local restaurant was catering it. Towards the end of supper, Connor Tomihiro (who's six months older than our Connor) gets up to go to children's choir, and invites our Connor to come along. OK cool, I'm thinking, our Connor gets to watch. When I go to check on him later, they ask me if it's ok if he sings with them on Sunday!! So my baby is singing at their special Children's Sunday tomorrow. We've been talking for a long time about joining a church, and Lisa & Bob have certainly been courting us to theirs since they met us. So we are finally taking the plunge. Duncan is going to start going to the choir for his age next Wednesday as well.

Back to Tuesday -- I had my first opportunity to go to one of Duncan's den meetings. I am really impressed with his den leader. She has planned for the whole den to get their bear badge by the January pack meeting -- she works achievements into the meetings. I even got to teach a station -- gulp! Thirteen third grade boys... Duncan will get his first belt loop award next Friday -- they all learned to play marbles. You can bet I'll have pictures!!!

Check out the photo blog -- I'll post pictures from this week there in a minute!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Indoor Surfing, better PreSchool, Fairs etc.

Busy week and it's only Monday! My husband tried indoor surfing last night, check here for the results! We were afraid it was a rotating fracture of his big toe, but the orthepedist said it looked more like he dropped something heavy on it from the xray (he didn't, I watched him fall).

We enrolled Connor in a better pre-school starting next Monday -- wooHOO. Five days a week, and a more school oriented program. The last month at KidSpot helped get the potty issues under control (at least away from home). Wednesday brings the Dixie Classic Fair, and I'll be accompanying Duncan's class to the fair. We had planned to make it a family day at the fair, but it will depend on how Charles feels.

My niece Hanna is still hospitalized, but the reports are improving. Thanks to all of you who have sent prayers her way!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Silly Blog Stuff

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