Monday, January 29, 2007

Indoor Surfing is NOT recommended

Got one word to describe it -- OUCH!  I was headed from the kitchen back downstairs and the next thing I know I feel my right leg/knee turn under, my pinky toe scream in pain and OWWWW.   Silly Carolyn!  I'm black and blue between my last two toes where the skin ripped and bled, my foot is tender, and my knee a little swollen and tender.   Shoes are no fun today.  My first thought was daggonit, how am I supposed to workout tomorrow?

Charles did this on other stairs in our house in October 2005; he managed to shatter his big toe, so maybe it's not quite as bad?  We ended up opting not to go to the doctor -- the toes are still in proper alignment, and I'm able to bear weight on it today, although it's not fun.

In better news, I attended Connor's parent/teacher conference on Friday.  She said math is going to be his strength.  He is slightly below grade level on reading due to not knowing as many sight words as he should, and below grade level on writing, but I am hoping some of our testing/interventions will help us on that.  I should see report cards today or tomorrow for both kids.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thoughts for 1/25

The Pinewood Derby went very well last weekend.  Duncan finished 2nd in his den, and his buddy Comfort finished first in the den.  I'll post pictures of his car (& his 2nd place ribbon) on the photo blog tomorrow.  He was a good sport, and seemed to enjoy his day.  We race again at the district derby in mid-March.   It really has been a busy scout January -- our den leader asked if one of us could step up and lead two meetings this month, so I volunteered and we earned our "Handyman Activity Pin" over two Tuesdays.  We have next week off, so we are done with scouts until 2/6.

Charles and I are trying to get our exercise habit breathing new life in the new year.  So far I've made it to the gym once/week for three weeks, and this week I've already made it a second time.  I should be really going 3 times/week but we just aren't there yet.  I'm also only doing my strength workout so far, but I'm proud to be getting back there.  My kids love the "Adventure Room" which is the child watch for kids 5-12, so it's a family outing.  Maybe if I get my act together and find our swimsuits we can do the pool too tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'm off work for the day.  Connor's parent-teacher conference is tomorrow morning, and with as many problems as we've had with him in school, it's a MUST attend for me.  I get his evaluation back from the psychologist next Wednesday, and then his OT evaluation (for sensory integration problems) is next Thursday.  Next Friday is Charles' birthday, and I'm afraid to confess I haven't done ONE thing about it yet.  Eek!!

Any Top Chef fans out there?  I'm going to be sorry to see this season end.  I was really sad to see Elia eliminated last night, especially in favor of Marcel -- what a little obnoxious twit.   I think Survivor:  Fiji kicks up next week so I won't have a gap in my reality-tv fixes.  I've been taping American Idol so far, but haven't watched it -- I'm not into the horrible singers, I usually start watching either when they get to Hollywood or in the semi-finals.

Everyone ready for Valentine's Day?  My gift boxes that I made for Christmas were such a hit at school I'm getting ready to do a valentine's version.  I've been watching the ads to get my chocolate cheap for them, and my stamp roller came in last night to do the boxes.  I have 30 of them to make between the two kids' classrooms.  So far in consumable supplies, I have $13 (INCLUDING the chocolate), so I'm really pleased with myself.  Now to find the 2 hours to make them!

OK, I think I'm out of things to say for the moment.  I haven't slept well this week, so I am looking forward to a restful weekend!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

WooHOO -- Dexter is using the litter box again!!! He's also now sporting a pretty royal blue collar. So far when we let him out to roam he's coming back in an hour or so when called. We're skeptical about having an indoor/outdoor cat, but he's being pretty stubborn about it. I had to laugh this morning though... we are getting a "wintery mix", mostly snow at the moment. Of course, he was adamant about his outdoor time... until he got out there. He licked the snow... sniffed it... walked around the tree, then hid under the molded slide thing, only peeking his head out to see if he was still getting wet. I think his outside time lasted maybe 5 minutes today? LOL!

Charles is doing well, thank you to those who have asked. HIs finger still has some redness and one hard spot, but otherwise he is very much back to normal. Hopefully that is our last medical emergency for quite a while. I'm afraid Connor might be getting sick though. He's been really irritable and teary lately, and that's normally a sign he doesn't feel well. Only time will tell.

We have a busy weekend coming up -- Duncan's cub scout pack is holding their Pinewood Derby on Saturday morning. Duncan's car this year is done to resemble (as best we can) the transformer Crumblezone. He's getting help from the Uncle of his best scout buddy on it, so hopefully we'll have much better results this year. With 105 boys in the pack, and every car running at least four times, it's going to be a LONG morning.

Sorry I haven't put any new pictures up on the photo blog, but January is just not my best month for feeling well and energy. I promise to try and do better!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Deja Vu?

I feel like I'm living my life over again, this time with Connor.   Have I mentioned how much trouble he has had being quiet, attentive, and in-his-seat at school?  That he's been to the principal's office twice?  Well, I finally took him to the psychologist we see for Duncan, and had an initial meeting.  I explained that I definitely see two of the three ADHD problems (hyperactivity, impulse control, attentiveness), that he's not doing well with social cues and giving people personal space, etc. etc.  He's having an evaluation next Friday, and I get the results on 1/31.  My mommy instinct tells me there is something going on.  Dr. S. said he didn't think we'd find anything severe or profound, but that it would be "kind of grey" rather than black and white.  So we'll see.   I'm also going to take him to see the OT for a Sensory Integration Dysfunction evaluation -- DSI can sometimes present as ADHD.   Last on the list is setting up a private speech/language evaluation.   I just want to know how to help him.

For those who have asked, Charles' finger continues to improve.  He saw our family physician Monday about it.  He has had alot of dead skin peel off the segment that had all the blisters, so it is red and itchy, but definitely continues to improve.  Dexter is on a NEW antibiotic since he still had a UTI.  He continues to pee/poop where it pleases him, so we are very frustrated.   Charles is super cleaning the litterboxes today to see if that will restart him going in the right spot again.  He has also gotten out a few more times, so payday this weekend brings him a collar whether he likes it or not.  Little grey fur beast!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Track Star?

Connor informed us this morning that he did NOT want to be on the track team when he grew up. We pondered this, and he also informed us he knew what the track team did. When we asked he solemnly informed us that the track team "waited until a train was coming and then ran across the track." When we asked him why he didn't want to be on the track team he told us he was afraid he'd get run over.

Monday, January 08, 2007

SA Blog Challenge for week of 1/8

1.  I've come to realize that my life is... whatever I choose to make it.   Therefore there is no one to blame but me.
2.  I am listening to... my kids squabbling.
3.  I talk... constantly.
4.  I love... my family.
5.  My best friends... are all a long distance away.  I don't have a "best" friend here anymore.
6.  Love is... something really hard to explain.
7.  Somewhere, someone is thinking...
8.  I'll always... want to be in the middle of whatever is going on.   I like having "the scoop" and all the details.
9.  The last time I cried was because... Charles didn't get to watch the kids open their Santa Claus this year due to being in the hospital.
10.  My cell phone... was a gift from my friend S., and I just got it in October.   I'm already addicted....
11.  Before I go to bed... I normally check my email.
12.  Right now I am thinking about...
13. Today I...  have day #8 of bad sinus pain.
14.   Tonite I will... go back to the gym for the first time in over a month.
15.   Tomorrow I will be... really busy at work.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

SA Blog Challenge for week of 1/1

OK, so I'm a little behind...

2007 is here. What do you want to accomplish for YOURSELF this year? What are your goals or dreams? What are you most looking forward to? Give us a prediction of how you see your life going in 2007.

For me this year? I'd like to get back into a workout routine and maybe drop another 30 lbs. I want to make every holiday special for the kids -- I've already started on Valentine's day! I want to settle both kids down from the wild rumble-tumble boys we have right now. I am looking forward to Connor joining cub scouts, Duncan reaching 5th grade, and getting both in something for fall besides scouts. I want a real family vacation again this year, just us four again. I hope to lose some clutter at my house, gain some control over my life and my moods, and be proactive rather than reactive -- 2005 & 2006 were out of character for me.

How about you?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Charles came home on Friday on oral antibiotics. He's still not feeling 100%, but the finger is improving. It has nasty looking blisters on the underside, but they are slowly getting better. Dexter however, is still suffering from his urinary tract problems despite a week of antibiotics, and I believe he will be heading back to the vet.

Let's hope we all start our new year off right... I have more to say but no time this morning, so I'll write again soon!