Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Migraines, Old People, and Bowling

Ugh, who knew migraines could be so much "fun".....   it has really kicked my rear lately.  I'm ready for a headache-free week.  This week has been a hard one so far... I had to travel to Charlotte for business Monday, and I am going again tomorrow.    Connor is at Vacation Bible School this week at church.  I make a point of engaging him in conversation about it each evening.  Monday he told me they "talked about old people" but he couldn't tell me their names.  At least yesterday he could tell me it was "Abraham and Sarah".  Makes you smile, doesn't it?  He's getting to be quite the little fraidy cat with thunder storms.  He crawled in bed with me Monday night when a rather lively one started.  I told him at one point that I had heard some people say thunder is the sound made when the angels are bowling; I did warn him I didn't know if that was true or not, it was just something I had heard.  He informed me later he knew it was true, but he seemed less bothered by the thunder.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


OK, so I mentioned how I've been to the endocronologist about my diabetes, and I've had a longgg week of working on it. Despite a new medication that is supposed to kill my appetite, I've been hungry all week. Charles brought me dinner home one night last week, Chick Fil A, including a brownie AND waffle fries. This is after he lectured me about how I'd have to lose weight. Sooo, he gets home yesterday after being at his mom's for a few days... and he stays up later than me. This morning I find that, overnight, he ate: 3 pieces of KFC, 1/2 a box of Froot Loops, potato chips... I could just kill him!!! I'm about to go wake him up and make him take his blood sugar. I mean, it's his life, his body, but on a practical note, I pay a small fortune for his medications, doctors visits & diabetic supplies and he binges like this, and then dares lecture me about my diet??!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Camping, Migraines, Endocronology

Duncan & I survived our trip to cub scout resident camp.  He had a blast, and is already asking to go back.  I struggled with the heat, the hills, and the bugs.  I also got a migraine the last full day so that didn't help.  I've had one every days since Sunday so I am kind of worn down at the moment.  I did see the endocronologist about my diabetes last week, and so far with the new medicine (byetta) and being more attentive to my diet I see my results improving.  Ask me how I feel about it a month from now when I see him again.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I've been Tagged!

Argh! I'm it! Monica tagged me!These are the rules.... each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment. So, time for my 7 random facts:

1. I can't roll my tongue. My husband takes great delight in that fact. I understand it's a hereditary thing?

2. I got to be Rudolph in my kindergarten Christmas program.

3. I've had my ears pierced three times and they are currently not pierced. I have a terrible time getting them to heal properly, and I just give up on them after a while.

4. My first car was an old blue Ford Maverick. Great fun for a 17 year old.

5. I won the VP of Finance of the Year at Junior Achievement, and attended the National Conference in 1981 at Indiana University. WooHOO!

6. I've been to Easter services in Notre Dame cathedral in Paris (1980).

7. I used to like ketchup on my canteloupe.

There! I'm gonna tag Courtney, Felicia, Carole (The Nana), Cynthia, Jill, Melissa, and Julie!

Friday, June 01, 2007


WooHOOO -- it's almost the weekend!  It was 89 degrees yesterday at lunchtime... I am so not ready for summer just yet.  The guy who works on our trees came by last night to look at some work we need doing, and by the time we talked in the yard for 20 minutes or so (after 7pm mind you) I was pouring sweat.  Having my neck knotted up and my head pounding didn't help things though.  On the bright side, he's going to hang a new tree swing for us when he does the work, so that will help things too.  Duncan has really missed the swing -- the rope is so frayed we won't let him on it, and we really wanted a "professional" opinion as to whether the branch would still hold him.

Dexter continues his role as King-of-the-Jungle... our neighbor told us last night he's seen Dexter with rabbits, and he left a bird spread over the front lawn for us to view this morning.    He is very male, and very feline.   Then he comes inside and purrs until you scratch beneath his chin for a while.

We actually have a busy weekend ahead.  The county is doing a "Family Field Day" tomorrow, and I enrolled our family to go.  You have to complete at least five events as a family, and then they feed you lunch and have a chance to win prizes.  I hope we have a good time.  A few of the prizes would be really nice -- a one year membership to a tae kwon do place, a basketball goal, and the grand pirze is a 4 day cruise for four (guess which prize I'd like!).  

On a health note... it's not been a good couple of days for headaches or neck problems.  Today I'm on the max dose of my medicine that my doctor allows... no pain at the moment but I'm pretty loopy.  My friend "Frog Legs" got us started in this eight week health challenge so I've started wearing a pedometer to see how much i'm actually moving.  I'm pleased to see it's more than I thought, and disappointed to see where I SHOULD be.   So we'll tackle that one step at a time.