Saturday, July 08, 2006

Weekend Jibberish

It's good to know most of you had the same reaction to our friendly copperhead in the water that I did -- {{UGH}}. I'm still thinking about it...

We got home on Monday, and I managed to step on a hornet IN MY BEDROOM. I get bad local reactions so I was pretty miserable Monday night. Tuesday, 4th of July, was a gorgeous day, so we packed up the kids and headed to meet Comfort's family at a local pool. We stayed five hours, and the kids played, played and PLAYED. Unfortunately, despite rigorous sunscreen applications, both Connor and I became "crispy critters". He is now a brown little berry, and I'm red and itchy. Lucky me!

I hereby promise not to go a month without updating my blog. Please continue to visit!


Catherine said...

' the snake thing was very scary! Sorry you are a crispy critter....that's me as well after minimal time in the sun.

Briana said...

Sorry the kids got bit and you stepped on a hornet! OUCH