Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Getting It"

I have maybe four minutes to write this so bear with me today. We had soccer last night. Connor's coach, "Coach Jim", told me a couple of weeks ago that most of these kids have a moment where it clicks, where they "get it" and they improve rapidly. I think we are close to that moment with Connor and alot of the kids.

Connor improved last week, more hustle, more attentiveness, but still little ball contact. He still hasn't "gotten it", but he sure is close. Last night he had more ball contact than I think he's had the whole season so far. I had to laugh, he get the ball, stop it, and then pause to line up his shot. He'd have had four or five goals if he'd just shoot, but I am so very proud of how he played last night. He was charging after the ball, using his feet to stop it, and really hustling. All of the boys on his team are improving. I yelled myself hoarse last night cheering for them.

When I have a moment I'll post some pictures from last night on the photo blog.


Courtney said...

Glad to hear he's starting to "get it" and that he's having fun playing.

Laura said...

I've witnessed the moment of "getting it" with my nieces and it is incredible! Glad Connor is almost there. It's exciting!!