Sunday, July 08, 2007

Just... Thoughts

Hurray for chemistry -- my two overactive little boys are finally calming down this morning. Duncan has been depressed since he got home from Charlotte over having to leave his grandmother. We really are at our wits end with his whining and complaining about this. He called her 12 times the first day he was home. He called her at 8am yesterday morning. He had been told not to call her before 6pm so he was punished by not being allowed to call anymore yesterday. Dot asked us WHY we taught him her phone number. Ha, we didn't, he found it in the phone memory. He starts day camp for scouts tomorrow so hopefully that will give him something new to obsess about.

I've started on a new multi-vitamin. I'm not sure how it's going or not... I've been really nauseous and sick the last couple of days and I wonder if it's from the vitamin. It's more vegetable based, and I am not a veggie girl. The nausea could be coming from the byetta as well, although I find it odd that it took three weeks to kick in. Why is it that you feel the worst when you are actively trying to improve your eating habits? I did a BAD thing last night, we got chinese, and my blood sugar this morning clearly reflected my misdeed. But after the TUMS and pepto bismol last night my stomach finally settled down (it was upset before the chinese).

I discovered (much to my chagrin) last night that Charles hasn't had his anti-depressant in over a week; somehow he didn't realize that those pills had changed colors (different dose) and was skipping them because he thought it was a nutritional supplement. I am really hoping getting this fixed will improve his mood. I need to load pill minders for everyone this morning, not one of my favorite chores. Somehow one of Duncan's minders has gotten misplaced, so I have to hunt that too.

The silly gray furball (aka Dexter) got another mouse this week, and left it thoughtfully at the foot of my bed as an offering. Fortunately Charles found it before I did! He was sleeping at Charles' feet last night in the recliner when Charles wanted more duck sauce, so I was throwing the packets across the room so neither one of us would have to wake up (or disturb the cat). We both laughed when the cat jumped up and tried to catch one of the packets.

Any reality TV fans reading this post? I'm am anxiously awaiting the next episode of Big Brother 8 tonite... I'm really curious to see how the "america's houseguest" twist will go. Tonite also brings another episode of Army Wives, so at least there is some new TV tonite.

One last thought, for my fellow bloggers... go back and read some of your oldest archives. I read the first six months of this blog, and found it very interesting reading.


Robin said...

Hey Carolyn, I use to be on one multi-vitamin, but now I'm on two, anyways I used to take the one at night and I had a lot less nausea and upset stomach. Now I have gotten used to taking two and they don't bother me at all. Also it depends on the brand your taking, I've noticed that different brands make me less ill. Therefore, try some different ones and see if that helps.

Catherine said...

I did some earlier blog reading recently and found it very interesting as well. Hope you're feeling better....and why is your blog letting me post now??

Courtney said...

Sorry Duncan is having a hard time about missing his grandmother. I'm sure that is driving you crazy as well! Hopefully the day camp will help keep his mind off of it. As for the vitamin- when I take multi-vitamins I always take them right before bed so that I sleep through the nausea!