Friday, July 08, 2005

Saturday Stuff

Our houseguest went home tonite, so I have time to write again. Duncan was quite sad to see his grandmother head out, but I'm sure he'll be over it soon.

The little monkey pulled quite the stunt today -- he let "monsters" lock all the doors so Dot Dot wouldn't leave, and locked everyone out of the house. I had to boost him into an unlocked window to get us back in the house.

On a positive note, Charles & Dot got alot of yardwork done this week -- we tamed the house eating bushes, and the weed/bramble garden in the back. We have work to do this weekend in getting the cuttings picked up, but it does look so much better. Dot bought the kids a soccer ball and a tee ball set so they've been out in the backyard playing. Tomorrow I have to find the bicycle pump so I can blow up their pool.

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