Friday, August 25, 2006

First Day of School

Wow, are we there already?! I put Duncan on the bus at 7:16 am -- I drive Connor to school today as there is a kindergarten assembly at 8:30 am. I was rushing this morning so the pictures are lousy so far, but there ya go:

Duncan & Connor on 1st day of school

Waiting for the bus


Courtney said...

Happy 1st day of school! Can't wait to hear how Connor did at his first day of kindergarten! Brendan is still enjoying it so far.

Julie said...

love the back to school pics!

Briana said...

Glad they had a good first day! They don't go back here until after Labor Day!

Anita said...

What great photos! Isn't it great to get them back in school and get that routine going? :)