Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen for 8/17

Thirteen Things Carolyn needs to be better about

1. Teaching my kids how to l-i-v-e. It's a silly example, but I was touched at how much they don't know when my kids brought toys to the new kitten to play with, but didn't understand that he'd best like to play WITH them.

2. Budgeting my money -- I'm getting better at it, but temptation is a powerful force -- I'd really love to have a savings account so when new tires surprise me it doesn't wreck my budget!

3. Going to church services on Sunday. We've come a long way in the last year in getting involved in our church, but we need to be more consistent about attending services.

4. Investing time in my friends. Stephen Covey talks about your emotional bank account, and how your interactions are either deposits or withdrawals. I need to deposit more with my friends.

5. Keeping up my blog -- I've been so busy this summer, and I do miss taking the time to journal about what's going on, and what I'm thinking.

6. Exercise -- tonite was the first time in TWO WEEKS we had been to the "Y" to do our strength workout. That needs to become a scheduled priority again.

7. Scrapbooking -- I have barely touched my stuff this year so far, definitely barely since May. Memories are slipping away and I need to make time for that. This is also some of my "me" time, so it's important for that reason too.

8. Better health -- since we started to go to the gym I've lost five pounds, and I'm proud of that. Since I've slacked off the last month or so, I've started to feel some of the blah symptoms again. I need to make my health a PRIORITY.

9. Visiting other bloggers -- I love when I get comments, and yet I've been terrible lately about leaving them for others. I know how good it feels, why can't I "deposit" more??!!

10. Kid time -- Connor always behaves better when Duncan isn't here. I am hoping getting him into soccer this fall, and spending some quality time with him will help him realize how special he is to us, and improve his overall behavior.

11. Christmas planning -- ACK -- it's like four months away. I am MAKING some gifts -- I need to get on this!

12. Visit my parents -- it's a really long story for another blog entry, no "drama", it just doesn't seem to ever be easy to plan time to get up there. We need to go more often.

13. Take more pictures -- as I looked through what I've taken so far this year, I see that I really need to get back to taking photos every day. Some months I took hardly any -- and my kids have grown SOOO much this year!

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Southern Girl said...

Great goals! I need to be more diligent about some of those myself.

Thanks for visiting my TT! :)

FrogLegs said...

GREAT list!! Seriously-- love the deposits analogy-- I need to remember that. And like you-- my health is going to become a priority. It has to be, right? We are important!!! :) And summers are insane! I know I am opposite- school years I'm never around, summer- I'm ALWAYS here. LOL! 2 cents said...

Good list of goals!! I really need to work on #2 on your list, myself.

Have a great Thursday! :)

mar said...

Your nr. 4 is a very interesting perspective. I think we all need to exercise more *sigh*. Xmas! did you mention Xmas? happy TT!

Courtney said...

I could make almost this same exact list. I need to work on a lot of these same things. I've read that before about the deposits and withdrawls, but had nearly forgotten about it!
My TT is finally up also.

Laura said...

Wow does a lot of that hit home for me too. Seeing it listed like that really puts things in perspective. Great job getting it going Carolyn!

Julie said...

i love the idea of depositing into your friends.....that's a really important part of life!

Robin said...

Hey Carolyn, alot of the same things that are on your list would also be on mine, if I made one. Too funny!! As far as the kitty, I think that Harry Gray would be a perfect name for him. Take care, see you soon.