Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving! Ours has been rather quiet and uneventful. The weather here in NC has been rainy and windy the past few days, so we decided not to go to Charlotte due to weather. Instead we stayed home and ate a nice family meal here. The kids are all excited about the new "Foster's Home" movie coming on Cartoon Network in a few minutes.

Tomorrow brings a day off from work, and my birthday. I am headed out to the local scrapbook store for an all day crop tomorrow, so I'll have some peace and quiet away. I really am simply looking forward to a quiet weekend.

Hope this finds you and yours having a great holiday!


Robin said...

Hope you had a happy b-day and a fun time cropping. Take care, see you soon.

MelnHead said...

So, we both have to go back to work today- icky, ick, ick!! :) I know it will be fine, I'm just complaining- lol. I am just tired, and tired, and tired. BUT- it's Monday, and only 4 more days till Friday. ;)

Courtney said...

Glad you were able to be off for your birthday! I'm back at work today too, ugh!

Briana said...

Happy belated birthday!!