Thursday, November 30, 2006

Weekday Ramblings

Ugh. It's so hard to go back to work after being off for four days. It has NOT been a good week either. I applied for a promotion on my team and found out Monday I didn't get it. This is not such a bad thing -- I lost out to a retired air force colonel so I know it was a matter of not being the best candidate, but it still feels weird.

School snet an email asking why we hadn't responded to the notes they had sent the past several days, which meant Charles has not been signing the daily stuff. Apparently he has been "forgetting" to give Duncan his medication, which is really a bad thing. So I've had to be the watchdog the last couple of days trying to get them back on track.

The school nurse, whom I despise, has been trying to track us down, about Connor. He had a potty accident at school. I don't understand what the big friggin' deal is, but she sure is hard to get back with, and Charles just pleads embarassment and won't deal with her. So in between constant meetings I've been trying to track her down.

Charles has been sick as a dog this whole week with a flu like virus, so absolutely nothing has gotten done at home this week. We had scouts on Tuesday (rephrase, Duncan & I had scouts), and tonite are meeting family friends at Chuck E Cheese for dinner. Last night should have been fellowship and choir, but Charles wasn't feeling good, Duncan has been a tween jerk lately, and both Charles and I have been disenchanted with church lately. Lately we just haven't felt welcome. So we'll see where that goes.

OK, I got a new boss to train at work, so I need to get moving.


Julie said...

hang in there Carolyn!

Courtney said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get the promotion and that you have to TRAIN your new BOSS...that is so unfair. Sounds like several other annoyances going on too, hope things start to improve soon. I hate it when several things hit at once. Ugh.

Briana said...

Your blog does not like Netscape. I can not open it in Netscape - I have to use IE - hence why I haven't been signing lately! Sorry dh has been a pain and you didn't get the promotion. Hopefully all goes better this week!