Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Not. Where to start? Charles woke up last Thursday complaining of an ingrown fingernail. By late morning his whole finger had swollen, and by early afternoon it was past his wrist. He saw our family doctor, who put him on antibiotics and pain meds. By Friday am the streaks were up to his bicep, so we took him to the emergency room. 10 hours later, he was finally admitted. His white blood count (wbc) was 19.1, his blood pressure was low, he had a fever of 100.6, his pulse oxygen was low... he was a pretty sick guy.

Saturday his wbc came down to 16.3, and his blood sugars were at least dropping. Today his wbc is down to 9.8, but his finger is still gnarly. They did an xray of it in the emergency room, and if it's not better tomorrow, they will do an MRI. His finger getting better is the ticket to coming home.

Soooo.... our Christmas is kinda funky. I have yet to wrap the first present, and I have to do "Santa" without help for the first time in my marriage. I really hate that Charles will miss the kids' opening their gifts. We're going to pack up and take his gifts over to the hospital tomorrow morning. It just makes me teary to think of Christmas with him in the hospital.

On a happier note, Duncan did well in the 4th grade Christmas play, and Connor is missing both front teeth just in time for Christmas. Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!!

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MelnHead said...

haven't heard form you in a couple days-- I hope Charles is home by now-- been praying for him, and you guys-- not the Christmas I'm sure you imagined, but hopefully it will be a wonderful new year's