Friday, April 20, 2007

What a Week

Have you been to my photo blog lately? Go see my Monday in pictures! Tuesday my friend J. lost her brother after a long illness, so we spent quite a bit of time talking on the phone. Wednesday Connor had a physical (he's normal), an OT appointment, and then soccer. Thursday I tried to go to Charlotte for work and turned around after the interstate was closed due to a wreck and fuel spill.

Today I worked a 9 hr day to make up for time missed due to my blustery day Monday. Connor had an eye appointment and after YEARS of me saying I thought something wasn't quite right, he now has to have glasses. He's farsighted, and a HUGE difference between the eyes, so if the glasses doesn't correct it he'll have to be patched for a while. Duncan threw a hissy fit that he was "the only child in this family allowed to have glasses." We're also in the middle of a medication change for Duncan, and a dosage change for Connor's medicine. I was so tired last night I went to bed at 7:45 p.m. -- I still haven't watched Survivor from last night.

Tonite I tried something new -- Dream Dinners. I am so tired of "nothing to eat" or "nothing to fix", despite a jammed freezer & fridge of food that I've resorted to bribing to get us eating better. Tonite I made Beef Tips for the crockpot, stuffed shells, and an oven roasted pork. I'm ready to eat now!


Diana said...

LONG week. At least he's excited about the glasses! We have a Super Suppers here in Columbia and we went once. I thought the meals we made were darn good, but a lot of the meals they had on the "menu" are too fancy for us.
There's also megamenu. It's an online thing where it gives you a grocery list and all the recipes. You take about 4-5 hours, get the groceries and prepare all the food, and it will supposedly feed a family of four every weeknight for a month. I've never had the $300 up front grocery money - or the 4-5 hours (without kids) - or the freezer space to do this, but I realllllly want to.

Sheri said...

Carolyn, thanks for the "Whoo-hoo!" and for the other encouraging posts. Staying in touch means so much to me.

Just went to your photo blog and saw the tree damage. Yikes! Was there much damage to the neighbors?

Your Dream Dinners meals sound yummy. I've heard of similar programs, but never talked to anyone who actually took part. Do tell.