Thursday, June 21, 2007

Camping, Migraines, Endocronology

Duncan & I survived our trip to cub scout resident camp.  He had a blast, and is already asking to go back.  I struggled with the heat, the hills, and the bugs.  I also got a migraine the last full day so that didn't help.  I've had one every days since Sunday so I am kind of worn down at the moment.  I did see the endocronologist about my diabetes last week, and so far with the new medicine (byetta) and being more attentive to my diet I see my results improving.  Ask me how I feel about it a month from now when I see him again.


Courtney said...

So glad Duncan enjoyed camp, and that you survived it! Sorry to hear about more migraines :( Hope your headaches and diabetes both improve soon.

Mary said...

Scout camp is always fun for the kids. I hope your migranes clear up very soon.

Catherine said...

Ah, scout camp days.....I remember the YEARS we did scout camp.