Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Ramblings

I made good use of my time before leaving work this morning to go visit and comment on most of the blogs in my list.  I've felt guilty lately that folks visit me and comment, and I don't return the favor.  I try at least once a week to run down my list of blogs in my favorites and visit them all; I've been slacking lately but no more -- I've caught up!  I always am flattered someone stopped by, so I try to show people I care too.  Several of you aren't posting anything new though... get cracking! (Ha, ha)

We had a pretty lazy weekend (or at least I did).  I caught up on a week's worth of Big Brother episodes on DVR, did three altered composition books for Charles, filled everyone's pill minders for the week, played some ToonTown and Asheron's Call... did a small run to the grocery store, and generally was lazy.  The kids spent alot of time playing Spyro on the playstation.

I have to give kudos to the doctor that oversees Charles' meds for his bipolar... he changed them again this month because he's still having mood swings.  I am so thrilled that the doc is unwilling to settle for just being "better" and is shooting for "well".  It's a drug Charles has been on before, and he's had some side effects from it before, but the doctor says they'll watch closely and deal with that if it comes up.

School starts back two weeks from today -- YIPPEE!!  I think having a routine back and less time to be bored will help both kids.  Plus scouts & soccer will start back as well, so we'll have busy evenings again.  I expect Connor will have more homework this year so we'll have two at the dining room table doing homework after school.   Charles and the boys are headed Sunday to Charlotte for one last visit with Dot Dot, so they'll miss the open house at school.  I'm a little worried about Connor starting school on Monday with no idea who his teacher is or where his classroom/desk is, but I also know he will pout if he can't go to Dot Dot's so I'll go scope it out for him.

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Courtney said...

Brendan starts 1st grade on Monday. We have a similar situation...the "meet the teacher night" is Thursday night, the same night he is staying overnight at camp! So, I'm going to have to go up to the school without him and get the info he needs. He won't meet his teacher until he gets to school the first day too, just like Connor.