Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We're Sad.

Dexter hasn't come home since Monday morning. Charles is very upset. He normally comes in several times a day. He's not at the local animal shelter, he's not road kill nearby, so we're not sure what's going on. Very sad.


Mary said...

scooter1hvacmanI hope your newest family member returns home soon.

I know when I lost my cat years ago, the posters I made & printed out helped him return to me.

He had been hanging out on the neighbor's roof & his in junk yard of a back yard. My neighbor came & told me after he saw my poster.

I walked & placed a poster in each mailbox on my street. I also placed a poster in anyones hand that was out in their yard or driveway & showed them the color photo I used to make the poster.

The humane society told me to place his litterbox outside 3 times each day for no more than an hour. I was told that cats return to their own scent, but if any other cats used his would no longer help so I had to check on it every few minutes. I was also told to place a can of opened cat food by the door at the same time I did the litterbox & bring it in each time as well. Once again, a hungry kitty with his own litterbox will sometimes follow his own scent home.

In the end, it was combination of those two things, as well as the sound of my voice that brought my cat over the neigbor's fence & within my grasp. He was scared but I think the litterbox kept him close by until I could find him.

My cat no longer even wants to go outside & I like it that way.

I hope this helps.

Laura said...

Ohh Carolyn, I hope you find Dexter. You have to be so attached to him after everything you've been through with him. Don't give up looking for him. I'm sure he'd rather be home with you than where he is too. Positive thoughts and prayers! Hugs!