Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quick Boring Update

Sorry -- we've just been REALLY busy. The trip to Las Vegas kicked our butts, and we are still recovering. I've got to travel for work today, so I'm leaving early, and getting home late.

Connor has a mild case of croup, but the steroids kicked it immediately. Duncan continues to demonstrate tween obnoxiousness. Scouts and soccer are in full swing, so our evenings are busy. Connor's team lost 0-3 to the Pirates this past Saturday. He had a field trip to Vulcan materials quarry on Monday. Yesterday they mailed their "Flat Stanley" letters out. Hopefully today his class will get a postcard from Flat Stanley's visit to Las Vegas!

The kittens continue to grow. Charles introduced Morgan to her first pedicure last night, and those little raptor claws are much shorter now. He said he'll need help getting Brigit to hold still for hers.

More this weekend -- I don't have another free evening until Friday!!!

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