Sunday, September 02, 2007


Hmmm, it was a very VERY busy week at work last week. It isn't going to slow down anytime soon either.

Charles had his sleep study Thursday night, and then another Friday night to titrate the CPAP. Hopefully they'll get him his soon and we'll see some improvements. The kids went with Charles to have lunch with his mother today, and then they went shopping for church clothes. We are joining the church here next weekend, so we're getting ready for that.

The kittens are growing like little weeds and cute as a button. I posted a picture of Morgan attacking my purse on the photo blog.


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Courtney said...

Hope they figure out what's wrong and do something to help him.

Courtney said...

BTW, the kitties are SO tiny and cute!!! I just looked at the photo blog too :)