Friday, October 12, 2007


Am I the only one who thought we'd never get to today?!  Man, I'm tired and we still have two busy days to go!  Tonite is our cub scout pack meeting for both boys.  Connor gets his first award tonite, so that should be entertaining.  Duncan is getting another pin, his compass emblem, and his outdoor activities award patch.  I'm proud of him for that one.  Tomorrow we have an 8:30 am soccer game for Connor.  This should be interesting -- it's been much cooler lately so it will be a nippy game I'm sure. 

I will have more pictures to share from Walking with Dinosaurs when I get time to sort through them.  The kids had a really good time.  Duncan was quite determined prior to the show that it was a 'movie'.  We laughed at him, once the show started he hardly moved and didn't make a sound.  It was really amazing to see how big some of the dinosaurs were.  There was one person in the show, the "paleontologist", and it was amazing to see how small he was compared to the dinosaurs.   I was impressed at how much history and science was included in the show.  Their website has souvenirs on-line for sale; the kids may find the DVD under the Christmas tree.

I really am liking the Vox blog so far.  Jill said it well when she said she could finally understand the teens/20s obsession with MySpace.  I too find it a bit addictive to come here and tweak it a bit.  For example, in the books link I'm starting to link any books I've read recently.  It will be an incentive to me to read more so I can see it add up, and so my friends can see what I'm reading.  I also find that if my friends are on Vox, it is SOOO much easier to see if they have a recent update! 

Duncan's blister is healing really nicely.  It has almost deflated entirely.  He has been so very good about not messing with it.  The knot on my leg still feels warm to the touch and hard, but it doesn't bother me unless I put pressure on it.
I think that's it for now.  Sorry it isn't a long update, but I have to snatch writing time when I can find it these days.  Have a great weekend!

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Courtney said...

Glad the boys enjoyed Walking with the Dinosaurs- it looks like it would be really neat! Your Vox blog looks nice :)