Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Duncan's Birthday

As I mentioned in my last post, we decided on Chuck E Cheese for Duncan's birthday party. I choked a bit on the price, but my mother-in-law helped out a bit. Fast forward to party day... we are driving home from my work and Duncan asks about his party. "What party?" I deadpan... and he eagerly informs me it's his irthday... "It is???" I know, I'm a bad mom to tease him so.

He got really REALLY excited when we arrived at Chuck E Cheese. I must say, if you haven't had an official party there, it's worth it. Our table was decorated at our arrival with a big sign that said "Duncan is 9". He and his guests got 40+ tokens each, and other than eating time and when Chuckee came to visit us in person, we only saw them when they brought tickets back or got more tokens. His friend CJ (and mom Janet) came, and the Tomihiro family came and brought nephew Scott too. Duncan was so excited about his Yu-Gi-Oh dealing thing from Dot Dot he squealed when
opening his presents. He also tried to ride his new scooter from Mom and Dad around the restaurant. His other big gift was from my parents -- a new hood/light for his fish tank and two new plecostomus. He's very excited to have his fish tank lit again.

We spent over 3 hours at the party, then Duncan left to head to Charlotte with Dot & Susan. Connor opened his "birthday brother" gift from Grandma & Granddad when we got home and hugged them all the way to bed (little Tonka friends). I was exhausted, but pleased. I think we'll be doing the same party for Connor in November.

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