Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hump Day Ponderings

My boss told me this morning she was going to change my title to "Bonnie's Personal Translator" because, as she puts it, "I know I'm speaking english, but they sure don't seem to understand it!" At least my day started with a laugh!

I felt like I hit the lottery today -- I filled up my gas tank this morning at $2.55/gallon. By the time I left work it was $2.99/gallon. My MIL says they are worried that Charlotte will run out of gas here soon due to no deliveries in the past few days. I am really worried about gas prices.

Duncan had a bad day at school. Charles screwed up and gave him his night time meds this morning -- third time in a year this has happened. So I now have to make it MY job to give him his medications. Connor had a pretty good day today -- Charles put them both in our inflatable pool this afternoon so they got some much needed outside time.

I'm off to go work on some scrapbooking stuff!


Mary said...

First, thanks for visiting my blog....twice. Second, I'm sorry that your son had a bad day. Meds are a PITA sometimes. I think you did hit the lottery getting gas at the price you did. I know my dad is working in El Paso, Tx this week & last night the price of gas jumped 20 cents WHILE he was filling his tank! At least some of it is tax deductible for his job. I hope your area doesn't run out of gas & that all of your loved ones are safe tonight. Keep smiling & enjoy your scrapbooking this evening.

Deanna Kroll said...

Carolyn, sorry to hear about your son having a bad day. Man, I envy you getting gas at that price. I had to fill my dh mustang tonight, at 2.94 a gallon, dang thing cost me 32.50 to fill! YIKES!!! Hope you got some scrapping done tonight, take care!

Robin said...

Hey Carolyn, Sorry to hear about Duncan's medicine. Just a suggestion, but maybe you could keep it in a pill keeper, if his medicine is pills, with one keeper marked "daytime" and a seperate one saying "nightime". Richard made the same mistake with Hanna one time and he quickly learned not to do that, as she was asleep and unresponsive all day. Anyways, I love the picture bucket you have put up on your page. I think that that is a neat idea. I have been onto Richard to show me how to use his digital camera and how to post pictures, but he hasn't had time yet. It will come soon. Well take care and have a good day.

Courtney said...

Our gas jumped from $2.79 yesterday to $2.89 this morning to $3.19 at lunch time! Ugh! Not a good time to be driving an SUV, huh?! At least mine gets much better gas mileage than a lot of the other SUVs!

Sorry about Duncan's meds. I see someone else suggested using one of those day/night pill holders...I have one of those, and it's pretty handy because it has one row of yellow daily compartments (for day) and one row of blue ones (for night), for every day of the week, and it's all one thing hooked together. Got mine at Wal-Mart for pretty cheap. Might be worth a try?

Briana said...

Man oh man! I hate it when other's can't get things right and you have to do it!! I hear you on the gas. It was $3.29 yesterday! We thought we hit the lotto at $2.99. It's bad!