Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hiking Kicks My Butt

I went camping with Duncan's cub scout pack this weekend -- we actually went early Friday night with two other families, and then the rest of the pack showed up Saturday morning. We went to Stone Mountain State Park, which is about an hour north of us, almost to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Saturday afternoon we went and hiked to a historic homestead in the park, and then on to the Stone Mountain Falls. For all of you in Idaho, who posted falls pictures last week, here's mine!

It was an almost 2 mile hike in to the falls from the parking lot (a moderate trail), so we did close to a four mile round trip. I am SOOO sore this afternoon. Duncan went with Comfort and his dad and did the strenuous loop that goes OVER the mountain top, so they did probably five miles. The kids slept GREAT that night -- I don't think Duncan's head made it to the pillow before he fell asleep. Here are some of the local wildlife we saw on our way from the camping area to the falls. They were just RIGHT beside the road! And they'd look at you as if to say "Yes?!"

Duncan listed his top five moments from the trip for me on the way home.
  1. Walking to the Falls
  2. The Creek
  3. 'Smores
  4. Ghost Stories by the Campfire
  5. Going to the top of the mountain

I think we had a pretty good trip!


FrogLegs said...

glad it was a blast-- yay!!

Courtney said...

So glad it was a fun trip! Great pictures too!

Briana said...

This is totally awesome. Great for you that you did the 2 mile hike! Great photos too!