Saturday, April 01, 2006

Home Page?

Suddenly I'm shopping for a new home page for when I launch my browser. I've used "My Lycos" for years -- I could add a list of links rather than storing them in my favorites... it showed news, movie listings etc. They suddenly discontinued the service yesterday. I'm SO annoyed. Anyone have any suggestions on another service that does that?

I had a killer grocery shopping day today. Food Lion had a sale on frozen pizzas... Tombstone Pizza was 5 for $10 -- thats a great deal when you have a pizza fiend in the house. Edy's Ice Cream, Klondike bars and something else were also on that sale. I got $214 worth of groceries for $154. I thought I did good!

Our weekend plans have shifted unexpectedly -- Charles was supposed to visit Lisa/Bob this afternoon and their son Connor has strep, so that fell through. Our friend Mike had his two year old in the emergency room for dehydration so he won't be in church tomorrow. It's such a lovely day though -- I had gotten up really early when Connor woke us up and then Charles snored and I couldn't get back to sleep so I took a lovely nap this afternoon with the windows open and the ceiling fan going.

Tonite I hope to match some Scrap Addict kits up with pictures -- I'm going to a big crop on 4/14 and I have nothing prepared.

And on a more somber, but uplifting note... ever since friend Shawn lost Reese to complications from a bone marrow transplant, I've followed several kids through the Caring Bridge network of sites about children in treatment. This is a sad one, but Cam's parents are so grounded, and so uplifting as they hold Cam close while he loses his battle with neuroblastoma... go read if you can handle it. These parents have taught me alot about what is important, and about enjoying what God gives you while you have it.


Julie said...

Just popped in to say HI! Have a great week!

Mary said...

WOW! I don't know if I could compose an entry that well if I had just expereinced what Cam's parents had.

Thank you for sharing that.

I hope your upcomming week is a good one.

Robin said...

Sounds like you have something fun to look forward to, your crop on 4/14. I wish I had a whole day to do just oil painting, but maybe someday I will. I'd also like to get started doing scrapbooking, but since I don't have time to do oil painting I figure I wouldn't time to do that either. Maybe someday I will. Have fun.

Anita said...

I just can't seem to do crops. I am distracted and don't want to work. I hope you get lots of work done and show us your results!

DBA Diva said...

Hey Carolyn - I've been using MyYahoo! for years. Have it totally customized with content that I want, in the layout that I want. You can even add RSS feeds, which I have been doing a lot lately. Maybe you will like it as much as Lycos.....