Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blog Tag

Melissa tagged me too...

I AM: a wife, mommy, daughter, employee, friend
I WANT: less yelling in my life
I WISH: I could afford to take my family on a cruise
I HATE: intolerance
I MISS: my sanity (LOL)
I FEAR: bees and snakes
I HEAR: music all the time
I WONDER: what Connor starting kindergarten will change for us
I REGRET: not knowing my father-in-law
I AM NOT: tidy
I DANCE: in my head, like the cell phone commercials
I SING: along with the radio
I CRY: when my friends are hurting
I AM NOT ALWAYS: as patient as I should be
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: memories for me, my kids, and my grandchildren
I WRITE: this silly blog
I CONFUSE: people when I talk too fast
I NEED: calm and down time
I SHOULD: be sleeping instead of on the computer
I START: any new hobby with an almost obsessive passion
I FINISH: things slowly
I TAG: those who are interested in this to tag themselves!


FrogLegs said...

Good tagging!! Patuence... I try so hard-- just gotta keep trying I guess.

Courtney said...

I'm not as patient as I should be a lot of the time either.

Briana said...

Great list. Love the not tidy part! :)