Friday, May 26, 2006

Scrap Addict Blog Challenge #1


favorite color: pink
word I most liked to be described as: friendly
best meal I cook: spaghetti
favorite dessert: chocolate mousse
favorite book: Mists of Avalon
favorite outfit: an oversized tshirt & capri pants
usually in bed by: 11:00 p.m.
favorite sounds: laughter, breeze, moving water
I wish: my hubby could find a medication to better treat his bipolar disease
What I crave: peace and quiet
Surround me with: love


Bonni said...

chocolate mousse..oh yummy

Catherine said...

Fun stuff to read!

Briana said...

Love your list. Never would have guessed your favorite color was pink. I would think green or something! ;) I like comfy clothes too!

Julie said...

chocolate mousse!! a girl after my own heart!

mar said...

spaghetti! and chocolate mousse, yummy. I love capri pants, too. Enjoyed reading your challenge, have to find out more about this :)
have a happy day:)