Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Helicopter Moms

Go read it. . And if you are still interested, here's more:

It makes you think....

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Mary said...

!WOW! I would not call my college aged child every morning to wake her up. I would purchase an alarm clock with a battery inside in case of a power outtage instead.

Doing my college aged childs laundry? Ummm, no. That child is an adult & needs to do his/her own laundry. My mom didn't even do my laundry when I was living WITH her & going to college! We took turns doing the laundry! For that matter, we even split many of the bills & the groceries! She did call in sick for me to work once...when I had strep throat & literally NO voice. For that matter she made that Dr appointment also. It's nxt to impossible to communicate on the phone with a voice that would crack even while whispering.

I thought kids went to college to get an education & to begin their adult lives...not to have Mommy & Daddy hovering over every little aspect of their lives. Yes, check in with your kids through phone calls or e-mails once a week or so. Yes, check on tution payments if the check has not cleared the bank. No, do not make special trips to do laundry, clean the dorm room or make daily phone calls to wake your child up to go to class. They will figure out to do that on their own, if they haven't already been taught that BEFORE heading off for college.

It appears that both personal responsibiltiy as well as good work ethics are dissappearing in our young Americans today.