Monday, May 07, 2007

Dexter's Impersonation of a Poodle

Yep, a poodle. Charles says I'm insulting HIS cat. Dexter came in Friday morning and complained when I rubbed his tail -- further inspection found a swollen spot about 1/2 way up it. Off to the vet he went, to discover something had bitten him and his tail had started to abscess. So we are now doing antibiotics. In order to drain the abscess, they had to shave most of his tail. I told him this is what happens when you "zig" when you should "zag". We think from the bite marks it was a rodent -- he normally leaves "presents" fairly intact, but there was a shredded rodent on the front porch that morning. It was either that or the garden snake he killed the day before, except the bites were too far apart to be that snake.
Ah well, he's feeling much better and did his best fe-lion impression in the backyard yesterday while tormenting a chipmunk.


Courtney said...

lol Poor kitty.

Laura said...

Oh no! Poor Dexter. I'm sure if he could he'd tell you it was all worth it.

Diana said...

Hahahahah. Poor ole cat.