Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday Quickie

Well, I thought I would to be able to post that I am headache free for the first time in over a month... we are close but not quite there. I spent alot of the holiday weekend being lazy because my head hurt. Do check out my photo blog -- part of my cleaning uncovered the missing Tiger pictures I had promised to share, and they are now posted on it.

This is our first week in AGES with nothing to do any night this week -- wooHOO. I could get used to this. It won't last long though. Next week Duncan & I have to go for our swimming test for scout camp on Monday evening, and then we are hitting up Chuck E Cheese with another family to celebrate the ending of the school year Wednesday night (school ends Friday 6/8). The kids won't know about this until we get in the car to go or they will bug us to DEATH about it. I'm also attending field day for both kids next week. The week after Duncan & I head to scout camp, as part of a group of 17 scouts and 9 parents. THAT should be interesting!!

I'll post more later if I get a moment!


Courtney said...

Woohoo! I'm so glad to hear your headaches are better! And sounds like you have lots of fun things coming up!

Mary said...

I have had migranes in the past, but nothing like the ones you mention.

I'm glad you are getting some relief from them. maybe your glasses are helping with that. I know mine did.

Enjoy your busy summer!