Thursday, September 05, 2013

Redemption Repeats and Gadgets

How's that for a title?

After the disappointment earlier, I have swung back to good food.  We repeated the Chicken Cacciatore.  Oh my stars but that chicken was DELICIOUS!  Even better than last time.  I also used a pepper mix this time.  YUM.  Last night we went shoe shopping with the difficult child, and then headed to Olive Garden for another shot at their Never Ending Pasta Bowl.  I didn't get my money's worth, but Connor sure did.  FIVE bowls, and he's only 12.

Tonite I repeated Mom's Shrimp Creole, but switched from salad sized shrimp to Medium (60-80 ct).  Very, VERY tasty.  I also went ahead and used my new vegetable peeler on two cucumbers for tomorrow's Cool Cucumber Salad.
I tell you, these new/replaced tools are making a world of difference.  It took half the time to peel the cucumbers compared to using a paring knife.  Unfortunately my list of tools to get is growing.   I am looking for my chopper (the kind you slap) but so far no luck.  I am also trying to decide if I need a new slicer.  I currently have a Pampered Chef Slicer similar to this one
but I wish it would be both thinner and thicker slices.  Anyone got a slicer they love?  Someone at work showed me his new Garlic Dicer -- it looks like a Moon Rover or something.  I am almost afraid to keep looking into tools!

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