Monday, September 02, 2013

Labor Day Food

Today's dinner was a disappointment.   I made Oven Fry chicken, which I've made several times before, as well as a new recipe, Creamy Herb Potatoes.  The potatoes had to sit for 15 minutes after they came out of the oven, so I cooked them first and then the chicken.  Both dishes came out a bit undercooked.  The potatoes was more of an alfredo sauce, and I really am not a cream sauce fan.  Charles complained that the herbs in the recipe made him think he kept hitting twigs.  Connor ate seconds though.    I had high hopes for the potatoes, so I was pretty disappointed.   At least I can say I've tried a new recipe this week, right?

In better news, I have arrived firmly in the 21st century with an iPhone 4!  My old Huawei Ascend was almost 30 months old, and had terrible battery life.  We went to the mall today to pick up an Otterbox Defender case for it.  I feel... spoiled. 

I am kind of working on my menu for this week.  I have boneless chicken breasts thawed, it is just a matter of whether to do Chicken Casserole or Chicken Cacciatore with them.  I have the ingredients for Shrimp Creole, broccoli casserole, and a repeated potato dish.  This week will be light on activities, with just two nights of TKD required.  I want to try and put up at least a meal or two for busier weeks.  Right now the only frozen meal I have is spaghetti sauce.  We ate the leftover BBQ pulled pork on buns last week.  I need to pick up another boston butt and do another batch of that to freeze.  I also need to get baking potatoes and make another batch of twice baked potatoes.

Yesterday evening I made Bisquick Sausage and Cheese balls.  I had been craving them and could not remember the last time I made them.  I don't remember them being quite that doughy, but they were good.  When I reheated some for breakfast today, they seemed better.  Is it possible I used to fry them?

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