Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ain't Nuttin' Up

The title refers to a song from the musical "The Robber Bridegroom"... we're having a pretty boring Saturday morning. Duncan came home Thursday; he seems glad to be home but to my dismay the fighting and arguing between the kids seems to have picked up right where it left off. I am hard at work practicing my even tone of voice as I work with the kids -- the four of us have a family counseling appointment on Wednesday. I have hopes it will help. Connor is making marginal improvement on potty training -- he woke up dry this morning, I was so proud. He's also starting to ask to go to the potty. wooHOO.

Dot goes home today -- I think the kids have been very much on her nerves with the fighting. She has been critical of their behavior, and is probably ready for a grandchild-free zone for a bit.

We had another in a minor string of financial disasters -- our brakes were checked a month or two ago, and we were told the brake pads were wearing, but we had several months to go. We've tried several times to get them looked at, but just didn't get there. Thursday night they started GRINDING, so I made Charles have them looked at Friday morning. Sigh... the front rotors were below spec, and had to be replaced -- $324.67. So we'll be eating alot of hot dogs and sandwiches until we catch up. The lawnmower is spewing gasoline everytime Charles tries to start it, and since I treated my lawn this spring, it's growing like crazy. The neighbor said we could borrow his lawnmower, so I can put off that problem for a wee bit.

Well, it's time for me to roust my sleepy husband for his turn on kid duty. Hope you all have a peaceful Saturday!

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