Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Family Ponderings

Ever wanted to fire a therapist? I can't quite decide if I do or don't... not that he's done anything wrong, but I sure don't know what we are up to. We took the kids with us tonite -- he saw Duncan & Charles, then me & Duncan, then me & Connor. I got scolded for responding everytime my kids made a comment to me, and Duncan told me he was "very angry at us for punishing him". John (the counselor) did note that Duncan definitely has some learning disabilities, auditory processing being one of them (that's not exactly how he put it but I can't remember now), and that we needed to "love him alot" or he'd start rejecting our love. Hmmm..... I feel like I just fell down the rabbit hole. I know my "homework" is to stop explaining when I discipline, just "be in charge", to love my kids alot, but other than that... next step is how do I get control back...

The kids are upstairs right now watching "The Incredibles" -- we bought it after we took them to see it a few months back, and they caught a bit of it in the store. It's amazingly quiet at the moment.

I'll write more once I finish pondering, but I sure don't know if we accomplished anything tonite or not.

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