Sunday, September 04, 2005

BackPacks, Girls Night Out, and Other Stuff

Hurray for holiday weekends! It's so nice to know I don't have to go to work tomorrow! I'm actually going to a free scrapbook crop tomorrow from 10-2.

We had company Friday -- my friend Stacy is out east visiting family, and came to see us with her friend Laura. The "girls" went out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, then off to the mall to help Laura spend a gift card at Hecht's. Stacy brought her dog Thunder -- the kids really enjoyed his visit.

Saturday I headed out for a round of secret shopping ( a fast food one) then Charles & I put the kids at Kid Spot so we could run some errands. We found gas again for $2.99, and topped off the tank. We hit Target and got a deal -- both kids needed backpacks. I guess I didn't realize how much Connor was ready for some of the "trappings" of big-boy-ness. When I tried his backpack on him, he sighed, got a serious face, and announced "I need some homework!" He carried the backpack everywhere with him the rest of the evening, including to bed. He had filled it with toys and books -- he took a book out of it for me to read to him at bedtime, and then told me he had to put it away in his backpack!

I also went shopping for a new accordian file to put Duncan's school paperwork in this year -- didn't find what I wanted, so I'll empty and old one and reuse. I can already see from his homework so far that's he's digressed in his handwriting -- this will be the first year he hasn't had OT at school so hopefully practice will get him going again!

We still haven't gotten Connor enrolled in a "real" preschool, (due to the potty issues), but I think we have something figured out for September that is a transitional thing. He'll start four days a week on Tuesday.


Briana said...

Cute about Connor wearing his backpack all day. I'm really not looking forward to potty training Joey - so I know what you mean about issues.

Robin said...

Connor is getting to where he wants to be just like his big brother. It's amazing how kids idealize their older siblings. I know Patrick has to do and have everything that Kaitlyn does. Anyways, it was nice of Charles to let you out of the house for an evening with the girls. I am sure that you had a lot of fun. Well take and keep posting!

Courtney said...

Cute about the backpack! Brendan has a little backpack too. Whenever we go to visit the grandparents or a day trip or whatever, he always grabs his backpack and put toys in it and wears it. Next year he'll need a backpack for school stuff instead of toys.