Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mood Swing From H-E-L-L

OK, all of a sudden I got hit with a major downer mood swing. I'm staring at my dining room table covered in unfinished Christmas presents, I don't feel "done" shopping but my shopping money is definitely "done"... I haven't wrapped the first gift... why do moods like this have to happen? I'm kind of the barometer for my family mood -- I have to be "up" so everyone else can be "up"... Yet all of a sudden I want to go crawl in bed and stay there.

Duncan came home from school sick today -- complained of a sore throat, and his chest was kind of junky. His inhaler helped some, but it hyped him up and he's been a real pistol today. Tomorrow is his school party so I have to go wrap the gift for that exchange, and Charles is making cupcakes. Do you know I have absolutely NOTHING under the tree for Charles? The item I was supposed to get him from his mom is backordered, won't be here before Christmas, and I *thought* we were gonna do our Christmas later, but my husband decided to buy for me without telling me, so now I have gifts under the tree and he doesn't. I feel so stinking guilty. Dot helped Santa get Duncan a new bike, so Duncan's Santa is going to be HUGE compared to Connor's... and I don't have the $$ to even it up. I just wish it was 12/26.


Jill said...

I can so understand this. Money is gone and the big boys have like 2 presents a piece here. I think the holidays are a lot harder on people than we think. We want them to be perfect and that just isn't possible.

Hugs to you! Believe me in Ohio here, I feel the same way!

Courtney said...

Holidays are always a trigger for modd swings, I think. I've been up and down several times. Just do what you can and don't worry about the rest. (ha! easier said than done I know!) I was also frantically buying/wrapping gifts last night for preschool gift exchange today, and their teachers' gifts, and I had intended to make up trays of cheese, crackers, and goodies for the rest of the staff there, but at some point I just had to say no and go to bed last night. I'll try to get the goody trays done tonight instead...if I can. The only gifts I've wrapped are the ones I've already given out...still have all the rest to go! And realized this morning that I don't have stocking stuffers for Joe or Adam yet, only a few for Brendan. Tis the season to be busy and stressed, huh? Maybe just get a small gift for Charles to open and put in a note saying the rest is on its way? Hang in there girl, Dec 26 will be here soon and it will all be over for another year :)