Monday, December 12, 2005

My Weekend -- WHEW

I hope it's a long while before we have as many things to do in a single
weekend as we did this one. I'm sick, tired, and drained. On the
bright side, I think the kids had a marvelous time, which was the whole
reason for all of it.

Saturday morning bright and early Duncan & I headed out to the Pinewood
Derby Race. His car didn't place or anything, but it looked good, and he
was such a good sport -- I'm so proud. His buddy Comfort placed 5th
overall out of 116 cars! GO COMFORT! The fastest cars averaged
around 2.96 seconds. It was a long morning -- I think Duncan's
favorite part was doughnuts for breakfast and pizza for lunch. Since
Charles and I were up til almost 2 a.m. working on his car, and then I was
up again at 6:30 a.m., I was exhausted by this time. My mother-in-law
(Dot Dot) arrived about 1:00 p.m., and proceeded to lecture Duncan on the
state of his room. Trust me, you don't want to know! He worked on
his room (under LOUD protest) for a while, and then we set out to run some
errands. We made a find at the consignment shop -- long sleeve white
button down shirts for the boys for $4.50 each! Off to Target for long
underwear for the parade, and hats & gloves for both boys. We got home
around 4:30, and I was REALLY tired then. I made spaghetti & garlic bread
for dinner.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. I had three hampers of kid's clothes to
hang up between the two boys. I purged some size 6/7 ones out of
Duncan's closet into Connor's. We put both boys in their new (to them)
white shirts & khaki pants for church, and Connor and I left early as he
had a last minute choir rehearsal before services. He did great, except
he wiggles... ALOT. I'll have pictures up SOON on the photo page.
Duncan had a meltdown at home before Connor & I left over shoes -- I wanted
him to wear his white tennis shoes because they blended with the outfit
more. He erupted over this -- he hadn't slept well the night before.
So he arrives at church about 3 minutes before the service starts.
Fortunately, the "choir mom" got him settled, and other than yawning during
their song he did good! It was a nice service, the sermon was about John
the Baptist and "The Message and the Messenger". Lots of music, the
advent candle lighting.. I can't believe it's only two weeks until

We got home from church about 11:50, and I had just under two hours until
Duncan & I had to be at the parade spot. I made an ugly discovery when
he and I went to get him dressed -- he's GROWN! He's now 4' 4.5" and 63
lbs -- I knew he had put on a little in the waist, but I wasn't prepared
for every pair of pants he owns to show his ankles!!! GAK! Needless
to say Santa is going to have to bring Duncan some pants at least. His
long sleeve shirts hit him about 1/2 way between his wrist and his elbow.
This all fit great two months ago! I know it's normal for kids to have
growth spurts, but this is the first time in a LONG while that Duncan has
popped out of his clothes mid-season. So we got him into the thermal
underwear, a pair of khakis, and his uniform shirt. We bundle up and go
dashing off to Lewisville. It was colder than a dead man's butt Sunday!
I was amazed at how big of a parade it was for a small town -- it lasted
over an hour! We saw Daddy & Connor along our way (Dot watched from the
warmth of her car), Comfort's family, my friend Marcia from work, Mr. Cann
(a prior assistant in Duncan's class) and Mrs. Stock, Duncan & Comfort's
teacher. I'm guessing it was a 2-3 mile walk round trip? Duncan
threw almost 800 pieces of candy to the crowd, and generally had a good
time, but boy were Duncan & Comfort s-l-o-w by the end! I had to laugh
-- Connor rode home w/me, Duncan w/Dot Dot & Charles; Connor was asleep
within 5 minutes of leaving Lewisville! Poor guy, all tuckered out.
I'm such a bad mom, this was their very first parade! I didn't think he
could make it through the White Christmas program at church, so we didn't
go. Dot treated us to McDonald's to let the boys run and play a bit for
supper. Then home, and relax, kind of. Charles is on a Christmas
decorating kick, so he put up the tree last night -- tonight we start

At least this week the only thing we have to do after work is fellowship
supper on Wednesday. Then no more obligations until after New Year's.
Tomorrow I take Connor for a speech/language evaluation, but I got time off
from work to do that in the afternoon.


Courtney said...

Busy, busy, busy! Sounds like a fun, but tiring weekend.

Briana said...

Busy! Connor didn't make it the whole way through huh? Funny about the flood pants!