Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Week of Firsts

And it's not all food!  This was back to school week for us.  Here are my newly minted 7th and 11th graders:

In honor of back to school, I have been trying really hard to COOK.  Monday we ate chuck eye steaks and a Bag & Season mix for potatoes, as well as a mix of asparagus, corn & carrots.  Tuesday was a first for me, I actually cooked salmon.  I used a McCormick marinade for it, then sauteed it in a pan, as I was making Crash Hot Potatoes in the oven.  I added a little cheese on top of the potatoes right at the end of the cooking time.  While the salmon was very well cooked (if I do say so myself), it wasn't my favorite.  I've never been a big fan, although the boys ATE IT UP.  We will definitely do that one again.

Tonite we repeated the Apple & Sage pork chops, and I made the Cool Cucumber Salad again but without the dill.  Again, there was very little left.  Duncan actually complained when his dad tried to eat the one piece of leftover salmon for lunch!!

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