Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Bobcat Trail

I started working with Duncan tonite on his 8 achievements to get his Bobcat badge. The first one is to learn the cub scout promise. Any experienced moms of cub scouts out there? I'm just wondering how long it takes for these things... he's about to explode about "getting a badge", and it's not registering that this takes work rather than simply desire.

Anyhoo.... hope this finds everyone well!


Robin said...

I am so glad that Duncan is enjoying being a cub scout. Don't worry to much about him knowing the cub scout promise. With the Girl Scouts, they practiced the promise every meeting until everyone got it so we didn't have to actually learn it before the next meeting. I don't know if they follow similar guidelines or not, but you will find that they are usually relaxed about these things and will be patient with Duncan. Well take care and have a great weekend.

Jeff said...

Ahhhhhhhhh. The old scouting days. I remember the antisapation of being handed that patch as if it were the key to the city or something.

I had to get a blogger account to comment but it isn,t my real one.

p.s.: Thank you for treating My wife well.

Briana said...

Hey girl. Not sure how to learn it and how long it is, but have him learn a new sentence or half sentence every day and add onto it. Good luck!!