Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A New Cub Scout

Please do check out the photo blog -- we now have a cub scout in our family! Duncan officially joined the cub scouts on Friday night at the pack meeting (Pack 752), and we got his uniform over the weekend and he had his first den meeting last night. They listed to the Lewisville librarian give them a history of the town, and she gave them a chance to pan for "gold", and then made friendship bracelets. His classmate Comfort is also in his pack. He's really excited about this, except we're having trouble explaining that you don't just "get" badges, you have to earn them. First step on the bobcat trail is learning the cub scout promise -- we start on that tonite!

Connor continues to go to his MMO program and he's having a great time. I gotta run to work now, we're hiring another teammate and we have a candidate in today for interviews so I gotta get there.


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Briana said...

Yay congrats Carolyn! He looks great!!!