Monday, October 03, 2005

Indoor Surfing, better PreSchool, Fairs etc.

Busy week and it's only Monday! My husband tried indoor surfing last night, check here for the results! We were afraid it was a rotating fracture of his big toe, but the orthepedist said it looked more like he dropped something heavy on it from the xray (he didn't, I watched him fall).

We enrolled Connor in a better pre-school starting next Monday -- wooHOO. Five days a week, and a more school oriented program. The last month at KidSpot helped get the potty issues under control (at least away from home). Wednesday brings the Dixie Classic Fair, and I'll be accompanying Duncan's class to the fair. We had planned to make it a family day at the fair, but it will depend on how Charles feels.

My niece Hanna is still hospitalized, but the reports are improving. Thanks to all of you who have sent prayers her way!


Courtney said...

So glad Hannah is improving! Have fun at the fair, and congrats on potty issues improving! Wonderful that you can move Connor to a better preschool too!

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Let me try this again - hey carolyn! glad to see things are going okay for you! glad to have found your blog - we need to catch up!

Julie said...

how are things going with Hanna? We're keeping her in our prayers!