Monday, October 24, 2005

Camping IOUs & Pumpkin Patch

Well, my muscles DEMANDED their IOU from the camping trip -- it hurts when I stand up and sit down! Duncan is still talking about the trip -- I wish it was warm enough to go again before Spring.

Connor got to go on his first field trip at preschool today -- they went to the house of one of the school's teachers, and took a hayride (wagon pulled by tractor) and then got to "pick" pumpkins. Charles went along and took pictures for me. Connor looked like he was having a marvelous time in every one! They are having a Halloween parade Thursday morning, and their Halloween party. Charles will have to pinch hit for me at that one too. He's having a "hot dog lunch" the week of 11/10 -- I'll be able to attend that one at least. It really is nice to have him bring art home, and be excited about "school". Many thanks to the family benefactors who helped us make his preschool possible -- he is blossoming as he gets to go to school.

We have another busy week -- I had to turn in Duncan's popcorn sales tonite, tomorrow is a cub scout den meeting (they are making trail mix at one station), and then Wednesday is the church's fellowship dinner & Fall Festival, followed by Trunk-or-Treat. Friday starts Duncan's fall break from school.

Can you believe Connor will be 5 in less than a month? Where has the time gone?! I am so behind this year -- haven't STARTED on Christmas yet, and Connor's birthday is rushing up so fast. This week is our benefits enrollment for 2006 -- utterly depressing, let me tell you!


Courtney said...

LOL glad you had a good time camping with Duncan, and that the sore muscles waited until you got home! We love to camp, but yes you are right about the tent makers lying about how many will fit in a tent! As the boys grow, we will need to buy a new bigger one too! Glad to hear Connor & Duncan are continuing to enjoy their new groups & activities...that is SO wonderful!

Briana said...

Glad you had a good time Camping and wow - 5 that soon? Where have you been? Your blog is old!! And I haven't seen you around my blog. You ok?