Sunday, October 09, 2005

Children's Sunday

Today was Childrens' Sunday at church -- almost everything but the benediction was presented by the children of the church. Our Connor attended one rehearsal, and gladly got up and sang with the preschool choir! He also participated in the processional where the kids gave teddy bears to the local children's hospital, and then came down front to listen to the children's sermon -- I was one PROUD mama. Duncan got scared and wouldn't do the processional, but he did very well sitting with us in the balcony. My mother-in-law was up for a visit, and she came to church with us too.


Briana said...

Yay - what an awesome service it sounded like. I would be so proud too!

Courtney said...

How wonderful that he jumped right in and did such a great job. You *should* be proud :) I'm sure he was proud of himself too.