Saturday, October 08, 2005

Fairs, Choirs and other things

Duncan's class had a marvelous time at the fair! The weather was crappy, but they still enjoyed it. We saw most of the animal exhibits, two shows (All the Kings Horses & Flying Canines), ate some fair food, and enjoyed ourselves. Once his class left Charles & Connor joined us along with our friends the Tomihiro's. The kids got to eat more fair food, ride rides, see exhibits (including Duncan's 1st place art exhibit!!!), and we finally left tired as we could be.

Act two on Wednesday -- Lisa & Bob had invited us to a special Wednesday night supper at their church since a local restaurant was catering it. Towards the end of supper, Connor Tomihiro (who's six months older than our Connor) gets up to go to children's choir, and invites our Connor to come along. OK cool, I'm thinking, our Connor gets to watch. When I go to check on him later, they ask me if it's ok if he sings with them on Sunday!! So my baby is singing at their special Children's Sunday tomorrow. We've been talking for a long time about joining a church, and Lisa & Bob have certainly been courting us to theirs since they met us. So we are finally taking the plunge. Duncan is going to start going to the choir for his age next Wednesday as well.

Back to Tuesday -- I had my first opportunity to go to one of Duncan's den meetings. I am really impressed with his den leader. She has planned for the whole den to get their bear badge by the January pack meeting -- she works achievements into the meetings. I even got to teach a station -- gulp! Thirteen third grade boys... Duncan will get his first belt loop award next Friday -- they all learned to play marbles. You can bet I'll have pictures!!!

Check out the photo blog -- I'll post pictures from this week there in a minute!


Julie said...

the fair sounds awesome!!

congrats on finding a church.....seems like the kids are always the ones that can help us find our way!

Courtney said...

Sounds like a fun fair, and congrats to your kids for art exhibit and choir singing! We've also been meaning to find a church, but so far we haven't been trying. Hope you like your new church!