Friday, November 18, 2005


It's late and I'm tired, but I did want to thank you all for the encouraging words! I was positively EXHAUSTED Thursday, and am still tired today. Duncan got his Bobcat badge at cub scouts tonite -- I'll post on that tomorrow probably. I have a speech evaluation for Connor scheduled for December 13th. I knew he had some articulation issues, but when his preschool teacher mentioned it to us I went ahead and called rather than waiting for kindergarten screening. Charles missed almost two days of medications -- he's been really REALLY down lately. We did get some Christmas shopping done last night.

Courtney, this one's for you...

5 Things to be happy about today

  1. Duncan got his first badge (bobcat), a progress bead towards his bear badge, and a swimming belt loop at cub scouts tonite.
  2. I put an "ick" task behind me by getting Connor's speech evaluation scheduled.
  3. My friend Penny had her baby on Connor's birthday, a girl, and is home with her now
  4. I heard from my friend Sherri today
  5. It's FRIDAY!!!

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Robin said...

Hey Carolyn, I am glad that Duncan continues to do well at Cub Scouts. I am sure that he is having a wonderful time doing all the projects and taking field trips. Patrick also had a little problem with articulation, depending on which therapist I asked, but that was quickly fixed with speech. It is great that you are trying to work it out now instead of when he gets to school. Keep up the good work.