Friday, November 04, 2005

MIA Apologies

I thought I had posted that we'd be gone visiting Dot this past week, but apparently I hadn't. Sorry to worry everyone! We had cancelled plans to go anywhere this week due to $$. Well Dot decided to use a timeshare week Susan couldn't use and treated us to a trip to Myrtle Beach. We weren't beach front, but it was a very nice place. We went to the timeshare presentation, and got paid $50 to say "NO", so we were able to take the kids to the Alligator Adventure during the week. Not only that, they let you come back within 7 days for free, so we got to go TWICE. Aunt Susan sent "mad money" for each kid, so I didn't have to say "NO" in the gift shop either. Duncan and Connor got to feed bears, pet alligators, snakes, turtles and lizards, and see lots of neat critters.

We alternated between the pool, the beach, and the resort amenities. We ate sandwiches, spaghetti & hot dogs in the condo for alot of meals, and pretty much just laid around. We used the time in the pool to complete Duncan's swimming beltloop for cub scouts. Monday night they had a big Halloween shin-dig -- the kids got to go to a Haunted House, go on a Halloween Treasure hunt, a costume contest, and a "mummy wrap" contest. Yours truly actually beat out four other contestants to win the "Name That Candy Bar" contest!!! I got 8 out of 11 right!

So now I'm home... gotta do some secret shopping this weekend, catch up laundry, and work on some Christmas gifts. Sorry to leave everyone hanging!


Briana said...

Wow, sounds like you had a BLAST! Glad you said where you went. You are always around and then you were gone!

Courtney said...

Oh Carolyn, that sounds like so much fun!!! Glad your family got to take a little vacation :)