Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Unobservant Mommy

OK, so I confess publicly, I'm a bad mom. We knew it had been a bit since Connor had been to the shoe store to check his feet, so Charles finally made time to take him today. He was wearing a size 11 extra wide, only now his feet are a size 12.5 extra wide. ACK! He's really proud of those new shoes though. He should be for $40!

Lots going on today -- Duncan had a den meeting tonite at a local grocery store, so they could complete achievement #9. He'll get his bobcat badge Friday night, at least one progress towards rank bead (two if we can complete #11), and his swimming belt loop.

I started my Christmas shopping today, but it was really my parent's Christmas shopping. They give us $$ to do their shopping for our kids. Connor got the Camelot castle from the Imaginext King Arthur line, and one of the items from a Top Toys for 2005 list -- a Matchbox buried treasure set. Toys that make these kind of lists disappear fast from the shelves. I have some ideas for Duncan, but we won't get to Walmart til tomorrow or Thursday at the earliest. The same list above should have items for Duncan's age tomorrow.

I got to go cropping (Scrapbooking) on Saturday by myself. I worked on Duncan's cub scout album and some other stuff. I really enjoyed that -- I need to make time to go again soon, or commandeer the dining room table for a weekend.


Courtney said...

LOL funny you should mention new shoes and unobservant mommy...I just bought new shoes for Brendan this weekend too. He has been wearing a size 10-1/2 for a long time, his feet just haven't grown much lately. The other day he was sitting on my lap, and I found myself looking at his shoes, and the big holes in both of them. Mind you this was NOT the first time I noticed these holes. However, for some reason it had not occurred to me until that moment that perhaps I should get him NEW shoes since these had holes all the way through! Duh! I guess I was waiting for him to need a new size and for some reason it didn't click in my brain that I could & should get him new shoes because these had holes. ha! So, now he is the proud owner of new size 11 Power Ranger shoes that light up. (His old ones lit up too, but they weren't Power Rangers. lol)

Robin said...

Hey Carolyn, your so lucky that you get to choose how to spend the grandparents money. We, unfortunately, have to take what we get. Have fun shopping and I am glad that poor Connor can now stretch his toes.

Briana said...

Hey girl. Funny how their feet grow so fast. Joey's in a 8 1/2 and he's not even 2 yet! He's got his daddy's feet!

Your link doesn't work but I finally got to the page you referred to, but where is this toy you are talking about. I didn't see it! Sounds awesome though!