Sunday, January 22, 2006

1/22 -- Much Ado About Nothing

We had a rainy, dreary weekend! It started Friday with Duncan's cub scout pack meeting. I was so tired, I didn't want to go anywhere, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Comfort's mom called about an hour beforehand to let us know he was running a 103 degree fever and wouldn't make it. So we headed to scouts, signed Duncan up for the scout sleepover at SciWorks in March, and sat down for a long evening of awards. Duncan got his last two progress beads and a belt loop, and then he got his bear rank -- this is what they've been working towards all year, and why we were all so sad Comfort couldn't make it.

Saturday I found out Comfort had been hospitalized Friday -- he had an infection around his insulin pump site, so I went over to the hospital to see him, and to ensure Judy had a chance to get a break if she wasn't comfortable leaving him. We really didn't do much of anything Saturday, except I sat down to watch the Miss America pageant on CMT and knitted Connor a scarf.

So here comes Sunday -- again, very blah day. We were mean parents, and deprived our offspring of TV & computer privileges until they made a reasonable attempt to clean their rooms. Connor spent 5 hrs in his room rather than clean it. Duncan passed inspection in about 40 minutes! I did my grocery shopping, and took a nap. Comfort was released today so he should be back in school Tuesday or Wednesday.

Have a good week folks!


Courtney said...

Congrats to Duncan! I was a mean mom yesterday too and made Brendan clean up his room also. I was tired of stepping on the legos, letters, action figures, and cars all over his floor.

Catherine said...

Yeah, sometimes being the mean mom is being the good mom! When I risk bodily injury stepping in their rooms, I know it's time.

Prairierose said...

Ok, I have to do this:)
Your name is Carolyn. My name is Carolyn.

You are 41. I'm 47.

You are the mom of a Cub Scout. I am the mom of a Boy Scout (so, I've been there and done that as a Scout mom).

You like blogging, and doing photo blogs -- me too:)

You like the Bee Gees. I loved them as a teenager, and still like them now.

Gotta link you and read more. Too much in common to just let you slide back into cyberspace unnoticed.

Laura said...

How sad that Comfort missed the day they had worked so hard for! I hope he is doing well and congrats to him and Duncan!

Briana said...

Good job to Dunca. I hope Comfort is doing better.