Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Can I Skip Winter?

Ugh -- I hate my back some days -- I get knots in my neck and shoulder muscles and they can be almost crippling sometimes. Can I just skip January & February?

Duncan had cub scouts tonite -- he has completed his Bear Badge requirements, and it will be awarded next Friday! I'm so proud of him. He hasn't had great days at school so far -- his teacher tells me he is rushing through his work and not doing it right, even when he knows how to do it. Any suggestions ladies?


Courtney said...

Congrats on Duncan's bear badge! Oh, and you can skip Jan & Feb, but only if I can too! lol

rmeyfe said...

I am seconding the skipping of Jan & Feb!

Mary said...

COngrat's on the Bear Badge! WOO HOO!

As for the school work, is it homework he's rushing through? I know when I wanted to go do something or when the work was too easy for me, I would do it wrong. Once my mom found out, she made me bring it to her & she would check it before I got to do anything! It stunk for me, but it helped me in the long run.

As for skipping Jan & Feb, I have nice weather here. It's the summertime that I dread!

Sending "deknotting vibes" your way.

Catherine said...

WTG on the Bear badge!!!

Briana said...

I think it's a boy thing to rush. I think Joe used to do it too. I hate winter too. Where is spring? Yay on the badge!