Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I'm so glad today is OVER. Wednesday is always my longest day at work --starts with an 8:00 am meeting. Today I had meetings scheduled straight to 3pm with only a lunch break. I left at 3pm to go to the dentist. Two fillings done, reasonably painless, but now that the novacaine is wearing off my cheek is s-o-r-e.

Dinner at fellowship tonite was very bland and ... well, not my favorite. I substituted as the choir mom for Duncan's choir. We had about 15 minutes to go when one of the girls, Rachel, started throwing up. Bless her heart -- she's such a dainty young lady and was NOT happy about this.

Then we got home and the kids were acting up -- I've taken a dose of aleve hoping it helps me til my cheek gets over the shots. Hope everyone else had a better day!


Courtney said...

Hope you had a better day today!

Laura said...

I have days at work like that-full of meetings-and they just drag on forever! I hope you are feeling better since the fillings. You weren't drooling in front of the kids were you? ;)

Briana said...

Sorry you had a dentist appt and rought day all around! :(

Anita said...

Wednesdays are my crazy days at work, too. I feel your pain! And ew on the dentistry. Hate it.